Marshanda Bikin Bingung Follower dan Penggemarnya

Marshanda membuat bingung para follower dan penggemarnya. Artis yang telah mendeklarasikan diri menjadi motivator ini justru menunjukkan tindakan diri sendiri yang membutuhkan motivasi orang lain. Chacha seperti labil emosi, ia melepas jilbab yang telah ia kenakan dan mengunggah video ‘curhat’ letter to God di youtube.

Jakarta post mengabarkan bahwa chaca akan merilis video berikutnya.

The Jakarta Post: Guess what?: Marshanda to release another video

JAKARTA: Actress and singer Andriani Marshanda, better known as Marshanda, also known as "Caca" or "Chacha" (born 10 August 1989, Jakarta, Indonesia) is an Indonesian actress, singer and also a television host, will release another video to let the public know about her feelings. “Chacha [Marshanda’s nickname] has made another video about her life from when she was 6 years old until today,” OC Kaligis, Marshanda’s legal representative, said as quoted by

He said that in the video, Chacha would also explain about the time when she was recently forced by her mother to stay in a hospital in Central Jakarta.

The 24-year-old stayed at the hospital for eight days and was forced to take medicine she did want to. She was discharged from the hospital on Aug. 3 by OC Kaligis with the help from the Menteng police station.

“The chronology of this case will also be explained in the video,” he said.

In 2009, Marshanda also released a video on Youtube about how she felt of being bullied by her childhood friends. She also recently released a video after she took off her veil.

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