Good News For Australy: Execution of Convicted Bali Nine Not Dead This Month

Attorney General will not set a date of execution until all legal proceedings finished tenth on death row.

Two sentenced to death in drug cases from Australia will not be executed this month after the court adjourned the appeal against the rejection of the petition for clemency, Thursday, March 19, 2015. The news of this has been confirmed by a number of related parties, as reported by Reuters.

Sonny Judge Abdullah said final defense will be heard on April 1 and the verdict will be announced shortly thereafter.

Vice President Jusuf Kalla told Reuters on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 said that the execution could last for weeks or even months.

"The trial for the second case has been postponed until March 25 where our party will be ready to hand over the evidence. On March 30 will be their turn (convict)," Leonard said Arfan, both Australian lawyer.

Both Australians with inmates of other drugs to be executed jointly by firing squad in Nusa Kambangan. They are included in the list of this execution is a citizen of France, Brazil, the Philippines, Ghana, Nigeria, and Indonesia.

Approximately half of the convict in an attempt to reject the law of punishment meted out to them.

Sukumaran and Chan was arrested in 2005 as the leader of the group that smuggled heroin from Indonesia.

Indonesia has harsh penalties for drug trafficking, as shown in executions in 2013 after a gap of five years. Five strangers among six people were executed in January, the first execution since the president took office in October Widodo.

With the impending execution, Indonesia will carry out the death penalty more in one year than ever before.

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