Soumya Agree With Islam

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One morning, Saumya awakened from sleep. Hurriedly, he headed the mirror. His eyes focused look at the shadow of his face. However, there is not satisfied tone look. He is like failing to find the answer.

"I have a problem with trust. Repeatedly continue to deny until I could no longer refuse," he said as quoted by, Friday (12/7).

During the denial, Saumya make sure he was not going to be atheists do not believe in God's alias. He remained a Hindu who believe in one God, not many of God which is the basis of the Hindu faith.

Part of the logic Saumya accept the worship of God's creation. Each object or a visible manifestation of God's creation. "So, I was proud to be idolatrous moment," he said.

Related Islam, Saumya actually have a negative view. There was hatred in his heart. He felt that Islam was a religion that rigid and hard. For him, the Islamic faith was never plausible.

At the moment it peaked hatred, Saumya start closer to Islam. One day, he met a Muslim who happened to be a friend of the class. During class, he was involved long debates with fellow Muslims it.

Without disadar, Saumya misconceptions about Islam, such as the position of women and others began to be straightened. Unfortunately, it has not made him interested. But he began to remove the anti-Islam.

"At that time, I was proud to be idolatrous. But most of me have the will to move or make changes," he said

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